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10 Animated Movies That Will Give You Nostalgia

Soul  That made me feel like my life had been squandered as I curled myself in a ball on my sofa and sobbed heartbreaking end-of-the-world cries. 

The Fox And The Hound  There is no happy conclusion in The Fox And The Hound. Their relationship is over.  

Up  “I’d wonder if you’re human if the first 10 minutes of the movie don’t convert you into a crying lump of mush!” 

Coco  “Since my father had been buried with his guitar and dead for a year and three months when I watched the movie, it was particularly painful for me.  

“When Elsa and Olaf are gone and she sings “the next right thing,” it brought tears to my eyes.  

Frozen 2 


“Just saw it for the second time, and while I recalled crying towards the conclusion, I was actually crying when Barley sacrificed Guinevere 

Ice Age 

“While Manny is seeing the cave paintings and touches the infant’s hand with his trunk. Each time.” 


My rule of thumb is to capture everything. And underwater views are so special. They’re definitely worth savoring again and again.