Difference Between Bard vs ChatGPT

It seems that Google has a secret weapon up its sleeve to compete with ChatGPT: the capacity to gather data from the Internet. 

According to Google's blog post, "It (Bard) relies on information from the web to offer new, high-quality replies."

Although to varied degrees of accuracy, ChatGPT has wowed with its capacity to reply to complicated inquiries. 

However, this technology's largest drawback may be its inability to acquire real-time information from the Internet.

The language model used by ChatGPT was trained using a sizable dataset, although the dataset currently only contains data up to 2021.

In an example provided by Google, it looks that Bard will synthesise a response reflecting several viewpoints in cases when there may not be a simple solution

The business has not, however, made any preparations to combine Bard with Google Search results.