Netflix Reveals Anti-Password Sharing Plan

By Team Torquexpert

Users of Netflix will no longer be able to freely share their account passwords with anybody outside of their homes.  

The OTT juggernaut has revealed that it would begin rolling out the paid sharing function in the first quarter of 2023 .

As a result, Netflix will charge consumers who wish to share their account credentials with friends or relatives. 

Today's widespread account sharing (100M+ homes) jeopardizes our capacity to expand our business and invest in Netflix in the long run "The firm stated. 

Due to poor sales earnings and a falling subscriber base, the firm has been having trouble.  

By stealing the ID password from other paying members, Netflix is attempting to levy money from people who were allegedly enjoying the OTT material for free. 

The business has moreover stated that it will provide the paid-sharing option in a large number of other nations within the first quarter of 2023.