Reasons Why Geoengineering Maybe A Bad Idea For Climate

Conventional carbon offsets, like those for preserving forests or planting trees, have a track record of not really lowering greenhouse gas emissions.  

As a divisive reaction to climate change known as solar geoengineering, a firm is already selling credits for its efforts to alter the planet's capacity to reflect sunlight. 

The controversial solar geoengineering business Create Sunsets made the declaration after attempting to inject reflective particles into the sky 

The goal is to replicate how solar radiation is reflected by volcanic explosion debris, which in the past has briefly chilled the earth.

"Cooling credits" from Create Sunsets are offered for sale for $10 every gramme of sulphur dioxide released. 

The "warming impact of 1 tonne of carbon dioxide for 1 year" is meant to be countered by each gramme. 

Yet, the corporation isn't making any appreciable changes to the climate.