The Romantics From Netflix Is Going To give You Nostalgia  

By Team Torquexpert

One term you won't hear much of in "The Romantics," a new Netflix documentary on the legacy of Indian filmmaker Yash Chopra: "Bollywood."

It's genre-defying and -defining movie, and it deserves its own name.

No one loves more passionately than Desi [South Asian] people, according to Mundhra, who spoke to IndieWire through Zoom. 

You have all of these movies. What more do you have, I asked, she recalled. 

It's unusual to discover so many films together that are both historically and culturally relevant.

When YRF and Netflix collaborated on "The Romantics," Mundhra was given free rein to dabble in the archives with "no directives, no limits.

The aristocracy, nay, royalty, of Hindi cinema are shown in "The Romantics" in a manner that has rarely been seen before.