Tips To Help You Deal with Anxiety

There are methods you can should try if you battle with anxiety to stop feeling overwhelmed by it.  

Here are some short-term fixes to help you deal with the situation right away .

Identify your trigger When you do identify your trigger, you should make every effort to reduce your exposure.  

Practice focused, deep breathing For a total of five minutes, try to breathe in for four counts and out for four counts. Your heart rate will slow as a result of steady breathing, which should make you feel less anxious.

Use Aroma Natural scents like lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood can be incredibly calming, whether in the form of an essential oil, incense, or a candle.

Do exercise or go for a walk In some cases, leaving a stressful situation is the greatest approach to calm racing thoughts. Spending some time concentrating on your body rather than your thinking may help you feel less anxious.

Keep a journal By getting what's worrying you out on paper, it may become less intimidating.

Socialize Spending regular time with friends and family can help you manage your anxiety, even though everyone is different and not everyone has social anxiety.