Women Bikers Harassed In Bangalore

by Team Torquexpert

The Konanakunte police have filed a complaint against a guy who identified himself as a city-based advocate 


is accused of harassing a group of female riders on NICE Road on Sunday after a little argument. 

After finishing their trip, the female motorcyclists halted to get some water at the side of the road.  

They heard an elderly guy yelling at them from his home across the street. 

Before they could react, the man's son approached them and began yelling at them, ordering them to get out of the way and accusing them of stopping at his property. 

He was nasty and misbehaved with the motorcyclists despite their attempts to convince him that it was a road.  The code scrapes inventory of who you have been in contact with over the last 30 days.


They said that he also stole one of the motorcycle's ignition keys. On social media, the incident's video quickly gained popularity.