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Singapore withdraws Everest Masala from shelves. Everest’s Fish Curry Masala, a well-known Indian spice brand, was recalled by Singapore after the Food Agency (SFA) of that nation noted on Thursday, April 18, that the product contained elevated amounts of ethylene oxide, which is not fit for human consumption.

According to the SFA, although ethylene oxide can be used to sterilize spices, it is classified as a pesticide and has not been approved for use in food.

“The Centre for Food Safety in Hong Kong has issued a notification on the recall of Everest Fish Curry Masala from India due to the presence of ethylene oxide at levels exceeding permissible limits,” according to a statement released by the Singapore Food Agency.

The importer, Sp Muthiah & Sons Pte. Ltd has been directed by the SFA to start a comprehensive recall of the products.

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SFA urges customers ‘not to’ eat Everest Masala

To minimize microbiological contamination, ethylene oxide is typically employed as a pesticide during the fumigation of agricultural produce. However, using it in food goods is outright forbidden.

“Under Singapore’s Food Regulations, ethylene oxide is allowed to be used in the sterilization of spices,” said the SFA.

The food agency declared that eating food with low ethylene oxide levels does not provide any immediate risks. It did note, though, that prolonged exposure to these substances can have negative health effects.

“Food consumption poses no immediate harm. As a result, exposure to this material ought to be minimized,” the SFA declared.

“It is recommended that consumers who have purchased the involved products not consume them. Those who have eaten the allegedly problematic products and are worried about their health ought to consult a doctor. For inquiries, customers can get in touch with their point of purchase,” the agency added.


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