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Why Are Indian Guys Creepy?

First things first: We’re not arguing that “every” male in the nation” is affected by this. There isn’t and never can be a statement that applies to everyone. I’m assuming (and hoping) that you read this work with that sensibility.

Why Are Indian Guys Creepy

India has a highly traditional culture. Starting in school, males and girls are separated from one another, and there is virtually little social interaction between them. Men and women often don’t interact with one another unless there is a pressing need or mutual interest, and even then, no smiling is seen. The locals in this community occasionally interpret a Western woman chit-chatting with them and smiling while enjoying their culture as a sign of interest. With a lovely white wife and a life in a wealthy foreign nation, he can live the life of his dreams and provide for his family.

He suddenly has feelings of love, and he is willing to do whatever to fulfill this desire.

We don’t flirt much because we don’t have a lot of social contact with women, so when we do, it’s more like a thirteen-year-old male in Western society flirting for the first time. Moreover, societal boundaries alter how we flirt. I never had the nerve to approach a lady directly in high school for fear of being physically assaulted by her father or siblings. Instead, I would pursue the girl for 8–10 days while I followed her back to her house. I would follow her again after disappearing for three to four days.

Why Are Indian Guys Creepy?

Locals believe Western women to be simple. When it comes to having sex before being married, Indian society is quite traditional. On the basis of my personal experiences with Indian ladies, including a four-year relationship with little to no sex, I can state this with certainty (I had to try really really hard). By contrast, Indians who learn much of their information about the West from Hollywood or from acquaintances who have lived there grow to see Western society as being far more open in relation to sex.

Why Are Indian Guys Creepy

Many Indian men tend to feel that Western cultures do not value or give it much importance since they do not understand the social dynamics of the West, which all contributes to making Indian men believe that it is a much more common and regular occurrence. We might easily come across as pretty strange when we attempt because of this assumption that having sex is simple, along with the typical Indian man’s lack of information about how to flirt or simply talk to women.

Why Are Indian Guys Creepy

All things considered, a lot of people in this nation are genuinely kind and helpful, therefore it’s important to be polite to locals and interact with them in order to understand their culture. Calling an Indian “Brother/Bhaiya/Paaji” would be a good method to let him know that you’re not interested in him and would also deter unsavory characters.

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