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3 Things To Consider Before Discussing Mental Health With ChatGPT

Freddie Chipres’ otherwise “fortunate” existence was tinged by a sadness that he was unable to overcome. Sometimes, especially when working from home, he felt lonely. The mortgage broker, a married 31-year-old, questioned whether something was wrong: Could he be depressed?

3 Things To Consider Before Discussing Mental Health With ChatGPT

Chipres had pals who had had successful therapy sessions. Although he was more receptive to the concept than ever before, identifying the person and setting up an appointment would still be required. Actually, what he really needed was some input on his emotional state.

At that point, ChatGPT(Opens in a new window), an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that offers surprisingly conversational responses, was used by Chipres. He viewed a few YouTube videos after the newest version of the chatbot went live in December that suggested ChatGPT would be helpful for addressing mental health issues as well as tasks like writing business letters and conducting other types of research.

It is unclear what transpires when users use ChatGPT as an impromptu therapist because it wasn’t intended for this use. Although the chatbot is informed about mental health and may respond with empathy, neither can it consistently and properly diagnose users with a particular mental health issue nor give treatment information. Indeed, some mental health professionals are worried that those who use ChatGPT to seek assistance may be let down or misled, or they may jeopardize their privacy by speaking with the chatbot.

3 Things To Consider Before Discussing Mental Health With ChatGPT

The provider of ChatGPT, OpenAI, declined to comment when Mashable asked for explicit details regarding these issues. According to a spokeswoman, ChatGPT has been taught to reject incorrect requests and restrict particular categories of sensitive and harmful information.

The chatbot never responded to Chipres’ communications in an inappropriate way in his experience. Instead, he discovered ChatGPT to be really useful. Chipres began by researching several types of treatment on Google and concluded that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which often focuses on detecting and reframing negative thought patterns, would be the most beneficial for him. He asked ChatGPT to react to his questions in the manner of a CBT therapist. The chatbot complied, although it cautioned the user to consult a specialist.

Chipres was amazed at how quickly the chatbot delivered what he characterized as sound and useful recommendations, such as going for a walk to improve his mood, being grateful, engaging in an enjoyable pastime, and finding peace via meditation and slow, deep breathing. The suggestions amounted to reminders of things he’d neglected, and ChatGPT assisted Chipres in resuming his lapsed meditation routine.

He was grateful that ChatGPT didn’t oversaturate him with advertisements and affiliate connections like a lot of the websites he visited for mental health. Chipres also appreciated how handy it was and how it mimicked speaking to a real person, which distinguished it significantly from searching the internet for mental health help.
“It feels as though I’m conversing with someone. We are back-and-forth “Momentarily and unintentionally referring to ChatGPT as a human, he says. This thing is listening and paying attention to what I’m saying, and it then responds to me with the appropriate information.

3 Things To Consider Before Discussing Mental Health With ChatGPT

People who can’t or don’t want to access professional counseling or therapy may find Chipres’ experience interesting, but mental health specialists advise them to use ChatGPT with care. Before attempting to utilize the chatbot to discuss mental health, you should be aware of the following three things.

ChatGPT cannot diagnose you and was not intended to serve as a therapist.

Although ChatGPT may have information on mental health, it is not necessarily accurate or complete.

Alternatives exist to utilize ChatGPT for mental health support.

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