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9 Best Sonos Speaker To Buy

Smart speakers, soundbars, subwoofers, portable gadgets, and other items are all part of Sonos’ extensive product lineup. Not to mention the numerous Symfonisk speakers that the business has made available in collaboration with Ikea.

It’s not always as easy as it would appear to choose the finest Sonos speaker for your requirements with such a wide range of hardware available at costs ranging from $120 to $899. Although you undoubtedly have a general notion of the type of speaker you want—a soundbar, a desk speaker, or something portable—finding the best option still requires some research.

Although Sonos is anticipated to launch a number of new products and expand into other product categories in 2023, you should still feel free to purchase anything from the present portfolio. Few businesses provide as long-term software upgrades and new functionality for their gear as Sonos does.

Sonos Move

9 Best Sonos Speaker

Even if Sonos’ original Bluetooth speaker isn’t as “portable” as the much smaller Roam, you can still move it about your home or take it outside for a party. Even though it weighs 6.6 pounds, there is a handle sculpted into the rear of the speaker to make transporting it simpler.

When the Move is removed from its wireless charging base, Sonos claims that it can play music continuously for up to 10 hours. The Sonos app lets you broadcast music over Wi-Fi much like the company’s other speakers do. However, you may link a phone, laptop, or any other audio source with the Move and listen to that way by switching the switch on the rear to Bluetooth mode.

The Move could very well be Sonos’ greatest speaker overall in terms of value. It is far more powerful than the One, which cannot be used outside, and is richer and bassier. It is also more than capable of filling a patio area with music. The best part is that Sonos’ portable speakers include automatic Trueplay, which uses their own built-in microphones to provide the finest audio for each setting in which you use them. This procedure always takes place in the background as you listen whenever the Move (or Roam) is picked up and placed in a new location. Last but not least, Sonos has taken an effort to ensure that the Move lasts for a very long time by providing a battery replacement kit that can be purchased when the included battery no longer maintains a suitable charge.

Sonos One

9 Best Sonos Speaker

For casual music listening, the Sonos One is the ideal speaker to place in your living room or kitchen. You can play your favorite musicians and playlists from a distance thanks to built-in microphones that work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Sonos’ own voice commands.

The Sonos One offers a well-balanced, dramatic sound despite its very small size. But like the majority of the other speakers on our list, Sonos’ Trueplay function lets you adjust its performance. Once the One is in place, just move around the space with an iPhone to capture microphone measurements that will be utilized to improve the One’s audio profile.

Although the majority of users will be able to get by with just one Sonos One, you can connect two of them for stereo playback or use a pair as the rear surround speakers for any Sonos soundbar. The Sonos One SL is similar to the normal One except that it does not include microphones if you want not to have microphone-enabled technology in your house. It retains the same audio quality but does not support hands-free voice. Additionally, you will save some cash in comparison to the standard Sonos One.

Sonos Arc

9 Best Sonos Speaker

The Sonos Arc soundbar is expensive, costing $899. But this Dolby Atmos speaker is a real powerhouse that will get the most out of your Netflix streaming or the newest Hollywood blockbusters. The Arc’s 11 drivers—including two height speakers that fire upward—deliver genuinely immersive home theatre audio. Firmware upgrades from the business have improved the company’s flagship soundbar by emphasizing crisper speech and other improvements.

Although the Arc comes with microphones for voice assistants and smart speaker capability, Costco also sells the Arc SL if you’d rather forego them. The Arc is the choice if you’re serious about your home theatre setup and want the greatest, most powerful soundbar Sonos has to offer. Once you hear it, you’ll quickly get over the high cost.

Sonos Roam

9 Best Sonos Speaker

The Sonos Roam is a portable, lightweight Bluetooth speaker that you can take with you wherever you go. It may be positioned throughout the house in locations where your other Sonos speakers may not provide adequate audio coverage, making it an excellent bathroom speaker as well. The Roam includes built-in microphones for voice commands and will stream music via Wi-Fi when used throughout the house. It functions like any Bluetooth speaker when you’re out and about. Additionally, if you have a turntable that supports Bluetooth, you can couple it with the Roam and use your entire Sonos system to play your vinyl collection.

The small Roam can only deliver so much in terms of audio quality. It can fill tiny spaces with clear, precise sounds, but the bass and overall presence are no match for a device like the Sonos Move. Always connect two Roams for a more engrossing stereo listening experience.

Sonos Beam (second-gen)

9 Best Sonos Speaker

You won’t have to settle with subpar sound if you switch to the mid-range Sonos Beam. The second-generation Beam does a remarkable job of virtualizing those channels in a way that sounds realistic to your ears, especially in small- to mid-sized spaces, despite the fact that it lacks adequate up-firing height speakers for Dolby Atmos material. You won’t have any lip sync problems when viewing movies or audio delays when playing games thanks to the presence of eARC.

Although the second Beam is the same size and weight as the first, it has a perforated plastic grille in place of the first model’s difficult-to-clean fabric one. And at $449, it’s considerably less expensive than the flagship Arc.

Sonos Five

9 Best Sonos Speaker

The Sonos Five makes up for its lack of intelligence (this device does not have embedded microphones) with crystal-clear sound. The Sonos Five is the company’s largest and most powerful speaker, excluding soundbars. You’ll immediately see why the Five stands out above the rest of the lineup in terms of audio clarity, detail, and overall performance if you play some of your favorite songs through it. It will outperform any HomePod, Echo, or Nest Audio speaker you test alongside it and is among the finest standalone speakers available in its price range. The quality of your music will be exquisite when you connect two of them in stereo. You may also use two Fives as rear surrounds, but there are more reasonably priced choices for that usage.

The Five features a somewhat unusual hardware feature among the Sonos range, aside from its strong, engulfing sound: a 3.5mm aux input that can be used to connect a record player or other music device of your choice. The Amp and Port are the only other Sonos products having line-in capabilities.

Sonos Ray

9 Best Sonos Speaker

The entry-level Sonos Ray is best suited for smaller rooms or secondary TVs due to its optical-only construction and lack of an HDMI connector. This $279 soundbar doesn’t support Dolby Atmos and doesn’t have a separate center channel for conversation. Nevertheless, given its relatively compact size, the Ray delivers balanced, clean music and surprisingly large sound. The Ray isn’t a bad buy if you’re looking for a straightforward solution that sounds fine for both movies and music but has less bass output than Sonos’ more expensive soundbars. However, if you want to expand your home cinema system with other Sonos speakers, I’d advise saving a little more money for the Beam.

Sonos Sub Mini

9 Best Sonos Speaker

The Sub Mini comes shockingly close to matching the volume of the full-size Sub while costing a lot less. Along with being more elegant, it does away with the shiny sheen that attracts dust. Due to its small size, the Sub Mini may be placed next to your TV without drawing too much attention to the hardware itself.

Sonos Sub

9 Best Sonos Speaker

The Sub is a crucial component of any Sonos home theatre system if you want to maximize its potential. For those blockbuster action moments, it has more than enough boom and floor-shaking power (if you want it), and the Sub also adds depth to music played via your system.

The cylindrical Sub Mini cannot be comfortably hidden under a sofa, but the upright Sub may be placed either upright or flat on the floor. Although the Sub costs $749 and seldom sees sales, it is undeniable that it provides the strongest low-end rumbling that Sonos has to offer.

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