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Daman Movie Review

Daman is a timely recommendation for people looking to watch movies with a purpose since it tells the inspiring story of a daring young doctor whose initiative helped to reduce malaria incidence in rural parts of Odisha.

Daman Movie

It is the Hindi adaptation of the Odia play that made news in November of last year and is set in 2015. Daman Movie written and directed by Vishal Mourya and Debi Prasada Lenka, features Babubhushan Mohanty as a youthful, ebullient physician working at the Janbai public health facility in the Malkangiri district’s tribal region. Medical graduates are required by state law to serve five years in rural and indigenous communities.

The upwardly mobile doctor decides to give up before engaging in combat since she is unable to handle the difficulties and challenges that lie ahead in the hostile environment. A serendipitous encounter with a teenage patient, however, causes him to reconsider, and Siddharth’s awakening inspires a campaign that targets 151 Naxal and mosquito-infested towns that are shut off from the mainland because a bridge that was scheduled to be built decades ago is bogged down in bureaucracy. The movie, which is based on a genuine government initiative, demonstrates how the dedication of several government agencies may assist in solving a straightforward but persistent issue.

Daman Movie

While the region’s natural beauty, expertly captured by cinematographer Pratap Rout, pulls us into the story, the portrayal of the residents’ shocking condition of life unsettles us. According to a character in the movie, the disparity between the region’s and the rest of the nation’s quality of life is comparable to that between India and the United States.

However, after showing us fascinating images of crammed cars, a run-down PHC facility, and an occultist attempting to exorcise plasmodium falciparum from a young girl’s body, the script develops into a well-intentioned flowchart where the writers adapt some admirable quotations about a medicine into a movie script.

Soon after, Daman assumes the part of a mosquito that derives its energy from superstition and ignorance in a well-intentioned public service docudrama portraying a success story of the government. It is claimed that the tribal people’s illiteracy is the main cause of why the government’s efforts took so long to succeed. Only a brief mention is made of the region’s complete neglect and the delays in development programs brought on by pervasive corruption and a slack system. The movie also briefly mentions the complicated Naxal problem of restricting the development of health facilities in a distant place.


Babubhushan has the appearance of an innocent young doctor coming of age amid a difficult task, yet oddly enough, he is still aware of the camera and his screen presence. In one moment, Siddharth resolves to take action after seeing that he appears to be an outsider in the tribal region.

The effort is still just aesthetic, much like the second part of the movie. With Dipanwit Dashmohpatra, who fully inhabits the role of a committed pharmacist who is capable of running a long race while wearing leg ties, there are no such restrictions. We are involved in this flimsy attempt to establish a Manthan in Malkangiri because of the honesty of his performance and the integrity of the central concept, which has the capacity to quell the youth’s widespread cynicism.

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