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Homeopathy A Scam

Homeopathy is an irresponsible con. Yet, not all of its practitioners consciously defraud others. Due to their ignorance and/or entrenched irrationalism, they are themselves the victims of this age-old con. Homeopathy is an extremely risky and immoral “treatment” practice since it makes individuals put off getting the proper care.


We have all probably seen images similar to the one above on the internet and in other homeopathy adverts. These images are intended to mislead you into thinking that homeopathy contains natural substances.

In reality, Homeopathic medicine contains these ingredients

In pills – Sugar and alcohol

In liquid preparation – Water and fragrance

In ointments – Soft Paraffin and fragrance

The “medicines” have absolutely no additional components.


The three simple procedures below can be used to verify the aforementioned claims:

Take some homeopathic tablets.

Remove the labels from it.

Now determine what constitutes “medicine” or the component that is not sugar and alcohol using the world’s greatest resources, technology, and research.

The result of the aforementioned will always is the same. Sadly, you will utterly fail each and every time to locate any medical components of the medicine
Prayers, faith healing based on a particular religion, and homeopathic “medicines” are all examples of alternative medicine. Please don’t mix the term “Medical” with “Alternative medicine” with that word. It has been purposefully inserted to make it appear authentic.

As homeopathy has not been tested, cannot be tested, or has been shown to be useless, it cannot be considered a true medication.

No illnesses can be cured by homeopathy. Without any prescription, the illnesses and disorders that homeopathy promises to treat will get better on their own.

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From the Editorials Team of CultsByte.

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