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Indian Education System Sucks!!!

In our nation, this is a hot topic that is being discussed by everyone. And why not, considering that it is in charge of determining our nation’s future? Today, I’m going to discuss my opinions on this subject, why it has drawn so much criticism, and what I learned throughout the twelve years I spent in school.

Indian Education System

The Indian Education System simply considers marks. You are smart and intelligent if you are receiving good grades. Also, if you receive poor grades, you are useless. Nobody in this place is concerned with how much you learn; they only care about your score. “Get whatever you desire in life if you score well.” This expression has been used by your parents, teachers, relatives, etc. But regrettably, that is not the case.

In schools, our system only encourages rote learning. You only need to memorize what you are being taught and then recite it verbatim in exams. How to use it in daily life is not taught to you. British colonizers introduced rote learning because they didn’t want Indians to speak up. They only wanted them to obey commands and perform their duties.

Equal opportunities are not provided by our system for creative fields. It also doesn’t encourage original thinking or ideas. The educational systems of many Commonwealth nations have been altered to encourage innovation and creativity. For instance, in our nation, ten circuit diagrams are taught to you, and one of them will be on your exam. They will now ask you to create a new circuit after teaching the same 10 circuit layouts. What our system lacks is this.

Indian Education System

The board puts pressure on our teachers to finish the curriculum on schedule. No matter how well they teach, it should still be finished. Also, the principals put pressure on them. In my school, the principal required weekly tests of all of my teachers. The teachers disagreed with his choice. It will take a lot of effort to plan the questions, check them, and direct pupils to where they should work. I concur that it is important for children, yet it consumes a lot of teachers’ time.

Failure in our system is viewed as the end of your career, and you may even be expelled as a result. Failure is not the end; rather, it shows you where you need to improve or try something new since you are not good enough in that area. We should accept it; it is nothing to be ashamed of. Failure is a necessary component of existence.

Indian Education System

These are some of the issues that I have observed during the past 12 years. Although our system may have some policies or plans to deal with them, they may not have been adequately implemented as of yet. I believe we can make improvements if we so choose in order to benefit the next generation. Our nation will advance more quickly the sooner we start working on it.

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