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Netflix Reveals Anti-Password Sharing Plan

Netflix Reveals Anti-Password Sharing Plan. Users of Netflix will no longer be able to freely share their account passwords with anybody outside of their homes. The OTT juggernaut has revealed that it would begin rolling out the paid sharing function in the first quarter of 2023, beginning in April 2023, in a letter to shareholders. As a result, Netflix will charge consumers who wish to share their account credentials with friends or relatives.

Netflix Reveals Anti-Password Sharing Plan

“We anticipate beginning the more extensive rollout of paid sharing later in Q1. Today’s widespread account sharing (100M+ homes) jeopardizes our capacity to expand our business and invest in Netflix in the long run “The firm stated.

Due to poor sales earnings and a falling subscriber base, the firm has been having trouble. By stealing the ID password from other paying members, Netflix is attempting to levy money from people who were allegedly enjoying the OTT material for free.

The business has moreover stated that it will provide the paid-sharing option in a large number of other nations within the first quarter of 2023. Users will notice a new option in the app with the new functionality that will prompt them to pay extra if they want to share the account password.

In the meanwhile, consumers looking for a more affordable membership option can choose Netflix’s Basic with an advertising plan. The plan is accessible in a number of countries, including the USA, UK, South Korea, and more. Netflix does, however, already provide a low-cost package for Indian subscribers: Netflix Mobile.

Let’s examine each Netflix membership plan that is offered in India.

Netflix Reveals Anti-Password Sharing Plan

To meet the different demands of its users, Netflix offers a variety of options. The OTT platform’s list of plans available to Indian users is provided below. It’s noteworthy that all Netflix plans have a monthly validity.

Netflix mobile package for Rs. 149:

Standard video quality — 480p streaming on a single device, such as a phone or tablet — is provided with this mobile-only service.

This plan is appropriate for people who don’t mind a lesser video quality and want a cost-effective choice.

Netflix’s Rs 199 basic plan offers 480p viewing on one device, which can be a phone, tablet, computer, or TV, for consumers seeking a slightly enhanced experience.
For those who just want to watch Netflix on one device at once, this package is ideal.

Netflix Rs 499 Standard Plan: If you wish to watch high-definition streaming on two devices and one device, such as a phone, tablet, computer, or TV, this plan gives 480p streaming on one device and 1080p streaming on both devices. Families or groups of friends who wish to watch OTT material together should choose this package.

Netflix’s premium subscription, which costs Rs. 649, includes 4K HDR streaming on up to four devices for subscribers who wish to watch material in that resolution. Large families or people who enjoy binge-watching in high quality and are ready to pay a premium for it should choose this package. For fans of movies and TV shows, the 4K HDR streaming quality provides a cinematic experience as well.

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