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Uorfi Javed – Asia’s Most Googled Celeb

Just a few minutes into our Zoom video conversation, the 25-year-old Mumbai-based actor Uorfi Javed explained, “I’m not rebelling against anything. I’m only stating that I will expose my body in any manner I like. How is that a revolt?

Uorfi Javed

With more than four million followers, Uorfi’s Instagram profile is a clear indication that she is well-known in a manner that few people are. Uorfi isn’t afraid to ask for more, including more affection from her adoring and hating followers as well as more views and likes.

Uorfi Javed is refreshingly honest, which is not what one would anticipate from a television performer. She has been in minor parts on television programmes including Meri Durga, Daayan, and Bepannah. She didn’t become famous in India until she appeared in the reality competition Bigg Boss OTT in 2021. Despite being ousted after a week, she garnered attention for her “bold” fashion choices. She recently overtook Bollywood heavyweights like Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor, and others to rank among Asia’s most-googled celebrities for the third time.

Even controversial spiritual figures like Sadhguru, who said that initiatives in favour of the LGBTQ community must be halted, are called out by her when they put her in a bad light. Uorfi stated through her Instagram stories that we require marches and campaigns to inform people that it is acceptable to love and be oneself and that one’s sexual orientation must be discussed freely and openly.

Uorfi Javed

I inquired about Uorfi’s approachability when I was given his contact information by a friend. Doesn’t she appreciate the attention, my pal joked.

Uorfi Javed responded to my WhatsApp message in about a minute, which was unexpectedly approachable coming from a social media celebrity.

Uorfi, who now likes to be addressed simply by her first name, remarked the first thing on our 5 PM Zoom conversation, “I look so eww right now,” while adjusting her oversized sunglasses. I was planning to get up two hours before the interview to do my hair and makeup, but I just woke up.

She was rumoured to be the granddaughter of well-known poet and screenwriter Javed Akhtar based on her last name. Since the rumour gained so much traction, Akhtar has been subjected to vicious trolling on social media, which prompted his wife, star Shabana Azmi, to explain on Twitter last year that Uorfi is not a part of their family.

Collage Maker 19 Nov 2022 10.41 AM

Although Uorfi has addressed the rumours in her own manner, she couldn’t help but joke in an Instagram story that she had finally met her “grandfather” after running into him lately. She continued by saying that she had afterwards made a joke about how he would now have to divide his estate among three grandkids rather than just two.

Uorfi is not the typical heroine. On her Instagram profile, she wears transparent, coloured T-shirts with just crystals covering her breasts, poses with just a dish of recently cut fruit and a glass of juice covering her torso, and wraps herself in bicycle chains. “I strive to be innovative while creating all of them [looks] myself. There are so many delicate areas in all of these garments that it just takes one minor error for calamity to ensue.

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