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Bengaluru Turns Pink With Tabebuia Flower

Around this time of year, Bangalore’s streets start to be covered in delicate pink petals, signaling the start of spring. The city becomes pink each year, through a spectacular natural phenomenon. Interestingly, the encounter was brought about by Tabebuia Rose trees nearby. The trees start to blossom and spread their pink love all over the area in the autumn of spring. Spring has already arrived, and residents may enjoy the magnificent phenomena by strolling through parks or along city streets.

Bengaluru Turns Pink

It is noteworthy because the Brits planted these Tabebuia trees in the city. It is said that they brought pink trumpet trees to Banglore to satisfy their homesickness since the pink petals reminded them of springtime at home. While Britishers were forced to depart the country when it gained independence, the beauty of the trees planted in various areas of Bangalore continues to wow people even today.

By shooting beautiful trees covered in pink blossoms, many people have already started to become photographers. Biplab Mohapatra, a shutterbug, took a few still photos in the Whitefield neighborhood of the IT capital that have already gone popular online. The tweeter who shared the beautiful images identified the location and said, “AECS Layout, Whitefield.” Here in Bengaluru, the Pink Trumpets, or Tabebuia Avellaneda, have begun to bloom. It’s that time of year when portions of Bengaluru entirely transform into pink PC. Here’s a peek at it:

Bengaluru Turns Pink

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