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Twitter Logo Changed From Bird To Doge

The famous blue bird on Twitter’s home button has been replaced with a Shiba Inu logo connected with the cryptocurrency, a day after Elon Musk requested the dismissal of a $258 billion racketeering lawsuit accusing him of purposefully inflating Dogecoin’s value. In an apparent reference to the upgrade, Twitter CEO Musk on Tuesday published a post that included the Doge meme’s visage driving a car and a police officer purportedly inspecting a license that had the “old” blue bird logo.

Twitter Logo

According to Bloomberg, the price of Dogecoin increased by about 30% when its image unexpectedly emerged on the website interface and the hashtag #Doge started trending on Twitter.

In addition, Musk posted a screenshot of an earlier chat with a user who requested that he “purchase Twitter and replace the bird logo to a doge” and added the phrase “as promised.”

Yet, Twitter’s mobile interface didn’t alter.

The Dogecoin official Twitter account also commented on the development in the same manner as the well-known meme, writing, “Very currency. Wow. Much Money. How Much? It’s crypto.

Twitter Logo

Musk posted a photo of the “Doge” masquerading as the Twitter CEO in February and said, “The new CEO is wonderful.” In 2013, meme currency was introduced as a prank to ridicule other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The upgrade follows Musk’s crackdown on “legacy” blue ticks by a few days. Twitter began removing the verified checkmarks from accounts that refused to pay for the service, including the New York Times.

A lawsuit filed by Dogecoin investors was dismissed on Friday by Elon Musk’s legal team as a “fanciful work of fiction” due to the Tesla CEO’s “harmless and frequently stupid tweets” regarding the cryptocurrency.

Twitter Logo

Musk’s legal team argued that claims that he purposefully raised the price of the cryptocurrency by more than 36,000% over two years and then allowed it to crash, causing significant losses for its investors, were unfounded. They cited statements like “Dogecoin Rulz” and “no highs, no lows, only Doge” as evidence.

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