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Dark And Ugly Side Of the Bollywood Industry

Like any other business, Bollywood has its share of nasty and sinister secrets that are frequently ignored. Nonetheless, a few actresses, such Taapsee Pannu, Kangana Ranaut, and others, have dared to tell the truth and reveal the negative aspects of Bollywood.

Dark And Ugly Side Of The Bollywood Industry

Let’s have a look at the Dark And Ugly Side Of The Bollywood Industry

In a previous exchange, Kangana had revealed the unpleasant aspects of acting, saying, “Physically, it is tough to be an actress, and I don’t want to put a lot of stress on that, but I think it is emotionally and mentally a lot more taxing.” That may turn you off entirely. We leave ourselves for days or even months, and when it’s over, we’re twisted characters who you can make fun of. You (actors) are a mashup of so many actual and imagined things that you have no idea who you are.

As a result of the producer’s financial difficulties, Taapsee claimed in an open letter that she had been asked to cut her remuneration and had been fired from many movies. All of this happened before I worked on the film Pink, but—believe it or not—I still had to deal with stigma afterward. Because I’m not an “A-list actress,” Bollywood actors have turned me down.

Dark And Ugly Side Of The Bollywood Industry

Because they found a larger star, producers have finalized me, locked my dates, and then abruptly backed out at the last minute. Expecting equal compensation is unrealistic; I have to struggle for even the minimum wage, but I’m not whining.

Richa had written, “Bollywood,” a fictitious address between Bandra and Goregaon, in an Instagram story. They will tell you something is beneficial for you when they require you to do something that is bad for you, your health, or your job, sure that you’ll believe them.

In my youth, I used to think they were true. On the guise of “freedom of speech,” certain press peeps will write lengthy pieces on how nepotism destroys the business while creepily stalking any pre-pubescent with a renowned last name and disparaging every self-made professional in their substandard writing.

Dark And Ugly Side Of The Bollywood Industry

What am I starving for? was a comment Nargis once made about losing employment in Bollywood for not doing particular things. I’m not desperate for popularity that I would pose naked, engage in certain behaviors, or have a sexual relationship with a director.

Because I didn’t follow specific instructions, I lost employment, which was painful. I’m attempting to live somewhere where I have strict rules and limitations, but it stinks since I’ve been evicted many times. While it stung, I persisted in convincing myself that “those with morals would win your own way, maybe it’s not simply that way,” and I hung on to that belief. I must stay loyal to my identity and not allow anyone to persuade me otherwise. Nothing else exists save my principles and ideals.

Mahima had claimed, “The minute you started seeing someone, they would write you off because they only wanted a virgin who had not kissed,” in reference to producers who would choose only virgin performers. It was like, “Oh! She’s dating!” while you were dating someone. Your career was gone if you were married, and it was definitely done if you had children.

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