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The United States Of Kailasa Explained

Self-described godman Nithyananda began his quest towards becoming the spiritual authority he now claims to be in 2002. His departed saint Mahavatar Babaji gave him the name in his disclosures following a magical experience. Then, in 2003, he founded his ashram at Bidai, which is located close to Bangalore in Karnataka.
One of his female followers accused him of rape in 2019. He escaped to India in 2019 while on bail and founded the United States of Kailasa (USK). Nithyanada claims that USK is a Hindu country with a central banking system, flag, and passport.

United States Of Kailasa

It doesn’t, however, have a specific location. There are rumors that Nithyanada purchased an island off the coast of Ecuador and that his country does, in fact, reside on one of the islands belonging to that country. The Ecuadorian government has stated that there is no such country. The USK claims to function as a nation for its population of “two billion Hindus” and has just lately opened an application for citizenship.

Also, according to the USK website, USK has received recognition from the US. The administration of Newark stated that it was a regretful event, citing the agreement of the US city of Newark as evidence. The United States Of Kailasahas also submitted formal requests to the UN (UN). The UN, however, is of the opinion that the submission should not be published since it does not recognize the USK as a nation, rendering it irrelevant.

Notwithstanding this, the USK officials have consistently made an effort to communicate with different embassies. In order to represent the USK, the representatives have also gone to UN gatherings.

 United States Of Kailasa

The USK positions itself as a country for those who have been persecuted for more than ten years. One of these victims, Nithyanada, is also depicted, having been the target of over 17000 hours of extensive internet hate propaganda, 120 fake cases, and 70 attempted murders. As Nithyananda is the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, the USK representatives saw Nithyananda’s legal proceedings as an assault on Hinduism as a whole.

Vijayapriya Nithyananda, the USK’s permanent ambassador, recently attended the 19th meeting of the UN Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights on Sustainable Development Goals. The speaker brought up Kailasa members who had experienced serious human rights violations and Nithyananda, who had also been prohibited from preaching and banished from his native country. Subsequently, the spokesperson clarified in a video that the remark meant that “some anti-Hindu groups” were responsible for Nithyananda’s persecution in his hometown and that “the USK holds India in great respect.”

After that, EN Kumar, another USK delegate, also attended the UN gatherings. The UN made it clear that anybody want to participate in these debates. Yet, this does not imply that the USK is acknowledged by the UN as a country.

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