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DJI Discontinued Drone Detecting System Feature

As the Ukrainian Vice President claimed that the controversial drone detection device AeroScope was “helping Russia kill the Ukrainians,” DJI secretly ceased production of the equipment.


As a “complete drone detection platform that quickly discovers UAV communication links, acquiring information such as flight status, routes, and other information in real-time,” as stated by DJI, AeroScope is used to identify drones.

Although the product page is still up on DJI’s website, a pop-up notice reads, “The Aeroscope is no longer in production. See our suggested products below for the most recent DJI technology.

Although the Chinese firm has not made an announcement, it is not unexpected considering the criticism surrounding the product.

AeroScope was promoted for safety. According to the product website, locations including airports, jails, nuclear power plants, and different government infrastructures face possible safety and security concerns as a result of the popularity of consumer drones.

“Traditional defenses in these places may not be able to identify and monitor UAVs to avert consequential occurrences in a sufficient manner.”
Mykhailo Fedorov, the vice prime minister of Ukraine, said the device was “helping Russia to murder the Ukrainians” last year when it came to light that the Russian military had been using AeroScope receivers to track down and carry out aerial attacks on Ukrainian drone operators.


It doesn’t make sense to continue supporting a function that was developed to help US security interests when being continuously assaulted by US security agencies, Brendan Schulman, a former vice president of policy at DJI, opined on Twitter as to the discontinuance.

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