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Tik Tok Won’t Confirm The Glamour Filter Is AI

If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok over the last week, you’ve definitely seen a video where a lady stares at her face in the camera while appearing shocked. She touches her cheeks, lips, and eyelids as though to doubt that these features of her face are indeed genuine. It’s not at all me, one user said.

Tik Tok

This is due to the fact that the face they are actually caressing is not their own. The “Bold Glamour” face filter, which has been taking over the app, is to blame. Users have been video their responses to how convincingly it modifies their look, whether they do it with wonder, joy, or utter fear. However, the filter has received some absolutely outrageous news attention, with headlines describing it as “terrifying” and “psychological warfare.”

Bold Glamour is one of the most remarkable TikTok effects to date, and it looks to be a first glimpse at how AI-powered technologies may make face changes even more effective at changing how individuals look while also making them tougher to spot. In spite of the fact that TikTok just released a new set of AI filter tools for effects producers, the business has repeatedly ignored emails from The Cultssbyte seeking for proof that Bold Glamour uses artificial intelligence (AI).

Tik Tok

A few generative AI effects that alter a user’s face characteristics in real-time will soon be available to effects makers, TikTok stated in a February 22nd update to Effect House, its filter creation tools. The new tools have already been incorporated into filters by producers with early access, and the new effects include an eyebrow remover, a lip-puckering effect, and a smiling effect. TikTok makes the seamless and skin-matching generative effects a promise in its creator instructions.

These methods deviate from how the majority of filter effects have been created up to this point. According to Luke Hurd, an augmented reality consultant who has worked on Snapchat and Instagram filters, traditional filters typically take your 2D camera feed and map your face onto an exaggerated 3D representation. Because the 3D overlay struggles to adhere to the shape of your face, some effects may distort or glitch if you block them.

Memo Akten, assistant professor of computational art and design at the University of California, San Diego Visual Arts, has been showcasing videos of how accurately the effect alters faces. She calls it “a bit of a milestone” and an indication of the weirdness of the post-reality world that lies ahead.

Tik Tok

Users’ looks are altered by Bold Glamour in ways similar to what we’ve come to expect from conventional “beauty” filters but in a far more spectacular way. On a matte, even complexion, it gives precise contouring to the sides of the face and the nose. Eyebrows are fuller and more evenly spaced. Lips seem fuller. The eyes have a bright, glazed-over appearance but are otherwise vacant. More than 9 million films with the filter have already been shared on TikTok since it became popular sometime last week.

Yet, TikTok users have observed that something about this effect is different despite the face filter tropes being present in Bold Glamour. The Bold Glamour changes appear to move with the actual face underneath them and even adapt when applied to masculine faces, unlike other filters that make it appear as though cartoon eyelashes or exaggerated eyeshadow have been painted onto a user’s face. And perhaps most importantly, unlike previous facial effects, the filter scarcely distorts when a user places their hand in front of oneself.

Hurd claims that in order to accomplish this remarkable accomplishment, Bold Glamour is probably using machine learning techniques, particularly Generative Adversarial Networks, or GANs.

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