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Google Stadia Will Now Be Supported With Bluetooth

Today marks the release of Google’s final Stadia game, and the company has promised to make a solution available the following week to allow Bluetooth connections on the Stadia Controller. Worm Game, a test game that was theoretically accessible on Stadia prior to Stadia’s general release in November 2019, is the last Stadia game to go live on the site. Before the streaming service is discontinued the next week, Google’s developers have chosen to release the game.

Google Stadia

Google describes the recently released game as “Worm Game is a basic title we used to test several of Stadia’s capabilities, starting far before our 2019 public debut, straight through 2022.” The Stadia crew spent A LOT of time playing it, so we thought we’d share it with you even if it won’t win Game of the Year. I appreciate you playing and anything else.

Google has promised to enable Bluetooth on Stadia controllers in addition to the new game. Owners of Google Stadia will be happy to learn that a self-serve utility to enable Bluetooth on the Stadia Controller will be available the following week. In a forum post, a Google Stadia community manager said, “We’ll release specifics on how to enable this functionality next week.”

The Bluetooth chip was removed when Google first released the Stadia Controller as a device that connects directly to Stadia services. Fans have been figuring up hacks to link the controller wirelessly to other devices ever since word of the Stadia closure first surfaced.

Thanks to this new technology, workarounds like connecting to an Android device are no longer necessary. It implies that, as a result of Google’s returns, the majority of Stadia players who bought Founders or Premiere editions will have received a Bluetooth controller for nothing.

Google Stadia

The Google Stadia service will end on January 18 at 11:59 PT/2:59 AM ET. All Stadia software purchases made via Google’s streaming shop and even hardware purchases made from the Google Store have been refunded, and Google anticipates processing the majority of these requests by the closure deadline of January 18.

Next Thursday, Stadia users will lose access to all games and saved games, although many publishers are letting Stadia users transfer their game purchases and unfinished game progress to other platforms.

Many of the possibilities are gathered right here. The only thing left to do is wait and watch how Google shuts down Stadia next week. At 11:59 PT, will there be a streaming farewell? Or would the stadium’s lights simply go out and players are dismissed from games?

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