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Elon Musk Is Still Silent On Broken Twitter App

About a day has passed since the majority of the main third-party Twitter clients started to malfunction, and developers claim they still haven’t heard from the firm on what’s happening. Some customers claimed they started experiencing problems on Thursday night, including authentication-related failures.

Broken Twitter App

Almost all business communication has gone silent. Paul Haddad, a co-creator of Tweetbot, wrote on Mastodon, “Still no official/unofficial info from inside Twitter.” In a blog post published on Friday, Twitterific’s developer, Iconfactory, stated, “We’re in the dark just as much as you are.”

As of Friday night, neither the main Twitter account, the Twitter Support account, nor Elon Musk had said anything concerning the predicament of third-party apps. (None of that transparency creates confidence.) We couldn’t immediately inquire about the problem with the company’s communications division since it didn’t exist.

Users, developers, and some news organizations have speculated that this is an attempt by Twitter to completely shut down third-party clients. The Iconfactory article mentions the potential of “a new (apparently unexplained and unannounced) policy that is only being enforced to apps with big numbers of users,” and Haddad states that his business will be working under the presumption that the downtime is intentional.

Broken Twitter App

Even though the creator of the latter program claims that the Android version of Fenix has been removed, the iOS version has reportedly continued to function for myself and other users. Additionally still operational is the official Twitter app.

The fact that third-party apps rely on Twitter’s API to get data from the service has in the past generated controversy because the business at one point disregarded tools for outside developers.

That seemed to be changing before Elon Musk purchased the business, but it’s unclear where he views competing Twitter applications because he doesn’t seem to have spoken anything in favor of them or against them. But Twitter 2.0 has incentives to make its first-party app the only option available; the business is scrambling to earn money and is putting all of its attention into its Blue subscription service, which provides functionality for its own client. Additionally, third-party applications sometimes don’t display advertising, which meant that some users may have gone entirely unmonetized.

It’s difficult to determine whether the API is to blame for the third-party client outage. While Twitter’s official API explorer tool is presently malfunctioning, trying certain calls from my own Twitter developer account seems to work.

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