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Mercedes-Benz Level 3 Automated Driving To Launch In US

Mercedes-Benz said that it was the first carmaker in the US to have a Level 3 driving feature approved by the government. The business said that it has obtained self-certification in Nevada for the usage of its Drive Pilot function, which requires the driver to be on standby and be ready to take over at any time should the car decide to drive itself.

Mercedes-Benz Level 3 Automated Driving

Mercedes has confirmed that its technology satisfies Nevada’s “minimum risk condition” standard, which mandates that Mercedes-Benz Level 3 Automated Driving or above “fully autonomous” cars be capable of stopping in the event of a system failure.

Nevada law permits all automation levels to operate on public streets, according to an email from a DMV representative for the state.

Nevada “does not issue any permission or license depending on the amount of automation of an autonomous vehicle.”

Insofar as it permits drivers to remove their hands from the steering wheel and feet from the pedals under specific circumstances, Mercedes-Drive Benz’s Pilot is comparable to “hands-frees” highway driving systems like GM’s Super Cruise, Ford’s BlueCruise, and Tesla’s Autopilot. Mercedes’ Level 3 technology, however, has a few more latitudes than Level 2 systems, which mandate that drivers maintain their eyes on the road.

The driver must always have their face visible to the car’s in-car cameras, but they can swivel their head to converse with a passenger or play a game on the infotainment system, according to The Drive, which had the opportunity to test the technology on a closed course in Germany last year.

Mercedes-Benz Level 3 Automated Driving

In other terms, the technology prohibits drivers from napping or taking a backseat ride. In the past, people have misused Tesla’s Autopilot’s loose driver monitoring restrictions to do both, unnerving authorities and motivating safety advocates to urge for more thorough monitoring.

Other than that, Drive Pilot functions in a manner that is reminiscent of several Level 2 systems that are offered in the US. Depending on the traffic in front of it, it accelerates and decelerates. It has the ability to automatically change lanes, maintain lane center, and identify blind spots.

Mercedes’ statement that Drive Pilot will only function at up to 40 mph on “appropriate motorway stretches and where there is substantial traffic congestion” is intriguing and seems to imply that it will only be usable in stop-and-go traffic.

The device uses microphones to detect oncoming emergency vehicles in addition to cameras and radar to build a 3D representation of its surroundings using data from a lidar sensor.

Yes, there are hazards associated with Level 3 systems. The majority of autonomous car operators, including Waymo and Cruise, have stated that they believe Level 3 technology to be too risky and would rather focus only on Level 4 technology. The requirement for drivers to maintain attention is the cause, even when the vehicle handles the majority of the driving-related responsibilities.

Studies have shown that switching between an automated system and a human driver might be particularly risky. Longer periods of disconnection from driving might cause

people to respond inappropriately when unexpectedly taking control in an emergency. They can steer too sharply, stop too forcefully, or react incorrectly as a result of not paying attention. And such activities may set off a chain reaction that can be hazardous or even lethal.

The technique is being pursued by other automakers besides Mercedes. Ford stated it was turning away from completely autonomous driving and would instead use “internally developed L2+/L3 technologies” in its statement.

The next frontier for testing and implementation of Level 3 systems in California, according to statements made by Audi, BMW, and Volvo. In fact, Mercedes stated that it hoped to get the go-ahead to start supplying the state’s drivers with its Level 3 system later this year.

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