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Shark FlexStyle Vs The Dyson Airwrap

The era of Revlon One-Step is passed. The Shark FlexStyle is the greatest Dyson Airwrap substitute we’ve yet seen. It just arrived in town.

Shark FlexStyle

You’ve probably seen the FlexStyle on your For You page and seen that, in contrast to virtually every other knockoff, it genuinely resembles the Airwrap. It contains a wand base and a variety of replaceable style heads, such as Coanda tech-powered curling barrels, which effortlessly wrap your hair around the barrel.

Its look isn’t the only similarity. Both items have undergone extensive testing, and the results show that they operate very identically. The Shark really has a couple of new features that encourage me to use it more.

When you take into account its $270 price tag, the Shark is more than just a knockoff of the benchmark. It is a superior replica that surpasses the original for less than half the cost.

I understand that you’re eager to watch me trash the Airwrap since the internet loves a good teardown of anything popular. But first, let’s discuss what you really get with the Shark before we make any significant comparisons.


The answer really depends on the arrangement you choose. What’s offered is as follows:

If you purchase the least expensive two alternatives from Amazon and Best Buy, the price is $269.99. Two 1.25-inch curling attachments, an oval brush, a paddle brush, and a styling concentrator are included in the first option. This is a fantastic option for folks with straight or slightly wavy hair. The second option includes everything above but substitutes a diffuser for the paddle brush if you have curlier or wavier hair. (These choices are also offered on Shark’s website, however, they both cost $300; as a result, we advise using a third-party seller.)

You may spend $279.99 on Shark’s website only to personalize your experience and select any three attachments from the six offered choices (the two curling barrels count as one attachment).

Shark provided the paddle brush along with the wavy hair system when they gave it to me for testing. I didn’t get the recently released wide-tooth comb, the only attachment, but I don’t have the right hair texture to try it anyhow. Each of the component accessories costs $29.95 if purchased separately.

shark hd440bk flexstyle air drying and styling system black a2119ba0bb5d4c638a4eabd9997cb072

Shark encloses a little pamphlet with instructions on how to use each attachment, including suggested heat and air settings.

Due to the FlexStyle’s base’s flexibility and ability to swivel, which essentially mimics the functionality of a conventional hair drier, you can use it without an attachment, in contrast to the Airwrap. The base was far less clumsy in my luggage than any portable hair dryer had ever been when I brought it alone for a wedding in which I participated.

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