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Spotify Down For Few Netizens

It’s Friday night in the United States and for a while, not many people were able to listen to music on Spotify. Users have claimed that feeds have abruptly ceased, and some users who have checked out claim they are unable to re-login.

Spotify Down

Over 30,000 complaints of the Spotify down outage have been made on, with a notable increase in reports since just before 8PM ET. Although the player itself is the most crucial component of Spotify, a status page for the company’s online API indicates a “small” partial outage impacting only that. This is consistent with what we’re witnessing.

Just before 9 PM ET, the Spotify Status Twitter account tweeted, “We’re looking into it,” and then at 11:16 PM ET, it followed up with a message, “Things are looking much better now.”

When this type of service-wide outage occurred last for Spotify, a Google Cloud issue was to blame. However, there has been no sign of a more significant cloud or routing problem that may have affected other services.

Spotify Down

If you’re still having trouble streaming your music, you may have to borrow an aux cord from someone who doesn’t have a Spotify subscription or resort to more traditional methods like using MP3s that have been downloaded or some other physical media.

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