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Salman Khan Gifts His Bracelet to Bharti Singh’s Son

Salman Khan held a contentious program. One of the most adored reality TV programs has been Bigg Boss. There is nothing special about the current Bigg Boss 16! Every effort is made by the contestants on the program to wow the audience with their high-octane drama, fights, disputes, and performances. The Bigg Boss song waking up participants, parents interfering in home problems, and other novel elements were all part of the 16th season’s formula. Unlike earlier seasons, this one’s Weekend Ka Vaar is dubbed Shukravaar Ka Vaar and Shanivaar Ka Vaar, and it takes place every Friday and Saturday.

Salman Khan Gifts His Bracelet

Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa, a comedy duo, will be spotted at Bigg Boss 16 and having a great time with Salman Khan and the other housemates in the next Shukravar Ka Vaar episode. The line “Ek hafta puri janta confusing rahi, unko laga ki Sajid bhai Abdu ki mommy hai” is heard by Bharti and Haarsh while talking with the roommates in the promo. Yoh maa ko lohri gaa ke sunata hai, yeh pehla mene bacha dekha. Everybody chuckles. Tina hi aisi hai jisko mei sabse pehle se jaanti hu, Bharti continues.

“Hug toh banta hai Bharti,” says Haarsh Limbachiyaa after that. As Tina approaches Bharti to give her a hug, Bharti unexpectedly gives Archana a hug. “Jab paida ki hui maa galti kar sakti hai toh mei toh fir bhi saheli hu,” Bharti continues. As Bharti subtly insults Tina’s mother, the entire family bursts into laughter. For the uninitiated, Tina’s mother mistakenly identified Sreejita as Tina when she visited Bigg Boss 16’s home and hugged Sreejita.

Tina’s mother eventually discovered she was not Tina after viewing Sreejita’s face. “Harsh aur Bharti ka Ghar mein aane se bana hasi ka mahaul,” said the caption of this advertisement.

Salman Khan Gifts His Bracelet

Bigg Boss 16 received another ad from Colors TV, which also provided a sneak peek at the next episode, on its Twitter account. Bharti and Haarsh appear on stage with their son Laksh in the promo. Salman receives Laksh after Bharti says, “Sir, Ek minute pakadna (hands him over to Salman) mei thak gayi.” Then Salman says, “Obviously thakogi year,” while carrying Laksh. Haarsh may be seen giggling loudly. “Haa sir ye Bharti ki bacha hai,” responds Bharti. Then, Bharti and Haarsh leave the Bigg Boss 16 stage to enter the house and separate Laksh from Salman. The Bigg Boss 16 presenter can be seen giggling and dancing with the young child.

Salman Khan Gifts His Bracelet

Salman Khan has already shown his affection for children. The actor frequently appears enjoying the children of his coworkers or interacting with his nephews and nieces.

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