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Tik-Tok May Get Banned In US

These days, reading through your For You stream on TikTok may also evoke feelings of imminent doom. It appears that something will be done about the massively popular app’s links to China and the possible harm they pose to national security after years of hand-wringing.

Tik-Tok May Get Banned In US, which is becoming more and more likely. This would go beyond just forbidding the installation of the app on equipment owned by the federal or state governments. It may also have a bigger impact than the ban, which the previous president Donald Trump attempted to enforce in 2020 but was unsuccessful in doing so.

Tik-Tok May Get Banned In US

The current restriction on TikTok would prevent its parent firm, ByteDance, which is located in China, from conducting business in the US, which would prevent Apple and Google from hosting the TikTok app in their app stores. You, the user, would still be able to use TikTok legally. It would just make doing so much more difficult.

The practice of banning an app is more common in nations like, say, China, which has done so in relation to a number of American websites and applications, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Additionally, it is uncertain if the US administration would truly take such a significant move. However, you’ve undoubtedly heard that it may occur and are probably wondering whether it might, how it might, or even why it’s essential.

These days, it seems like every Big Tech business is subject to an unprecedented amount of scrutiny, yet TikTok encounters resistance that its competitors do not. TikTok’s growth poses a challenge to America’s technical dominance, particularly when it comes to the internet, at a time when ties between the US and China are not good. However, US politicians are considerably more likely to draw attention to the alleged threat to national security since they think that the Chinese government is using the app to spy on Americans and send them damaging information via its potent but enigmatic For You recommendation system.

Tik-Tok May Get Banned In US

ByteDance has been in negotiations with the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), an interagency body that assesses transactions involving foreign parties for potential dangers to national security, for more than three years to resolve these disputes. ByteDance wants to achieve a deal that would let TikTok operate in this country while reducing the possibility of meddling from the Chinese authorities. Although ByteDance claims that a draught agreement with CFIUS exists, it has not yet been made official. The fact that ByteDance had to acknowledge that some of its workers had inappropriately accessed the TikTok data of US individuals as part of an inquiry into leaks to journalists in the last days of 2022 didn’t help things.

ByteDance is spending a lot of money attempting to persuade its critics that it does not follow Chinese directives and would not provide the Chinese government with information about US users or use that information to sway US users. The company has invested millions in establishing and growing its presence in Washington, DC, and more than $1 billion on “Project Texas,” an initiative to rebuild the app on US servers in an effort to wall it off as much as possible from ByteDance and China. The company also pledged to provide multiple levels of independent oversight and transparency.

According to a spokesman for TikTok, Brooke Oberwetter, “We are confident that the proposal being considered by CFIUS would properly meet US national security concerns.”

The question of whether ByteDance can persuade an audience that is becoming more hostile that TikTok isn’t a national security concern will likely be answered in 2023, or if it can’t, what will happen to TikTok.

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