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TikTok Imposes A Time Limit For Teen Users

For all users under the age of 18, TikTok has just announced automatic 60-minute daily screen time limitations.

TikTok Imposes A Time Limit

To create a TikTok account, a user must be at least 13 years old. If an adolescent watches for longer than the new 60-minute restriction, they will be prompted to input a password in order to continue. Parents will have to set or enter a password to enable just 30 extra minutes of viewing time for users who are under 13 and using TikTok for Younger Users. The majority of users, if it’s anything like the time limitations we put on applications through our phones, will probably just enter the passcode and get on with their day.

The head of trust and safety of TikTok, Cormac Keenan, noted in a statement that research “also demonstrates that being more conscious of how we spend our time might help us be more purposeful about the decisions we make”. So, if adolescents choose to deviate from the 60-minute default and spend more than 100 minutes on TikTok in a day, we will also encourage them to establish a daily screen time restriction.

TikTok Imposes A Time Limit

The social networking company also disclosed other measures to protect juvenile users, such as delivering weekly screen time summaries to each teen account and urging teen users who spend more than 100 minutes each day using the app to establish a daily time restriction.

TikTok Imposes A Time Limit

This occurs when social media specialists and youth campaigners continue to disagree over how social media affects young people’s mental health. After seven years of stability, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the suicide incidence among those aged 10 to 24 surged by 56% between 2007 and 2017, making it the second largest cause of death in this age group after accidents. Although it’s impossible to pinpoint the specific origin of the issue, some experts believe social media is partly to blame. The Pew Research Center reports that nearly twice as many adolescents used the internet “almost frequently” in 2018 as they did in 2014.
Meanwhile, studies have revealed that restricting screen time might help young people feel a little bit better about themselves.

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